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Buying a Used Car – Useless Features You Don’t Need

So, you’ve decided to replace your vehicle and you would prefer to go for a used model instead of a new one. Many people believe it makes more sense to buy a used vehicle and who are we to argue. There are many benefits to buying second hand – cheaper price, minimal depreciation, etc. Purchasing a used car gives you more bang for your buck, but do you need all the extras?

GPS System

This is one piece of technology you can do without. The days of fumbling around with a paper map are gone, we now have digital apps to show us the way. Whether you are considering new or used cars for sale in Canberra, you shouldn’t pay extra for a GPS system.

Do you have a smartphone? Does it have Google maps? Why pay more for a GPS system that you simply don’t need? Although satellite navigation is more reliable, when was the last time you struggled to get phone coverage? If you want to save money on your next car purchase, leave out the GPS.

High Powered Engine

Let’s be honest for a moment, do you really need a high-powered engine in your vehicle? If you aren’t carrying heavy loads or racing, what is the point in buying a car with an expensive engine? If it isn’t going to be used, go for a standard type. When your daily commute consists of driving to work and back, is there a point in paying more for a turbocharged engine?

Social Media Integration

We all know how addictive social media has become, we find it difficult to put our phone down for one minute without wanting to know who has posted on Facebook or Instagram. Social media integration, although tempting, is something you don’t need in your car. Even if the feature is only available through voice activation, it still distracts the driver.

We all know how many people have lost their lives while driving and texting, so why put a tech feature in your car that puts you and your passengers in danger?

There are many cool and useful features you can put in your vehicle that won’t put your life at risk and make driving more convenient. When buying a new or used car, think about the extras before you waste money on items you don’t need. Some features are great to have in your vehicle while others are a complete waste of money.

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