Good things about 2020 Kia Forte

With Kia Forte, you will get to see how the Kia brand is growing in the automobile industry. Although the 2020 Kia Forte is affordable and compact, it does not have that cheap feel, and you will get it at the used cars for sale Cherry Hill NJ. It is a car which you will appreciate its build quality that is excellent. Its performance has improved very much.

But why should you spend your money on the 2020 Kia Forte?

It is a super warranty package that adds value

Most shoppers of cars are drawn to the Forte because of its great value. Apart from the Forte having an affordable price tag, it is one that benefits from some of the top American warranties covering the first powertrain of the sedan for 100000 miles. It means that you will not have to worry regarding paying to replace faulty transmission or engine. You will be able to drive home with a bumper to bumper warranty for 60000 miles. There are very few cars which can offer you with such protection.

It has the ability of delivering good mileage for gas

With an output of about 147 horsepower and with 132-pound feet of torque, the forte is one that stands at the four-cylinder engine which tends to be potent enough to be able to ensure that the job is done. But it tends to be optimized on fuel economy.

The continuous optimal transmission variable helps with the base Forte FE in returning a strong 31 mpg in the city and about 41 mpg while on the highway. While getting onto the forte with a gearbox that is manual, some efficiency is sacrificed, but at the same time, you will enjoy good gas mileage.

New GT model bringing a lot of fun

The performance when it comes to the base four cylinder engine is okay. To satisfy the drivers better, especially if you need speed, the Kia has come up with an all-new model of GT. The 2020 Forte GT raises the needle of performance. It comes when it is equipped with a turbocharged engine that is strong, rated to plus the 201 horsepower out and 195-pound feet torque. The acceleration tends to be quicker when you use the Forte GT. The upgraded suspension tends to promote tighter handling.

New GT Trim having a sporty look

If you do not desire to have the powerful turbocharged engine of the Forte GT, you can go checking out for the GT line trim. It has an appearance that is sporty, demanding plenty of attention when it comes to on the road.

A grille that is gloss black with red accents is what gives the GT Forte a unique look. You will be able to notice the 17-inch sedan sport wheels. When you check in the inside, you will get to see that the trim has touches that are raced inspired. The sport alloy pedals and the black sport seats are what helps in giving the GT trim an exciting atmosphere.

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