How To Maintain And Track Your Bike And Scooter Like A Pro

Just as our body requires energy and may need regular health check-ups, just like that, our vehicles also require time-to-time maintenance. Whenever we buy any new thing, we take good care of it. And after some time, we get lazy and start neglecting it. But it’s extremely important to remember that maintenance is extremely important to maintain your vehicle’s performance for longer. It will ensure safe and problem-free riding. But how to start? What are the important things we need to follow? Well, here we will tell you about it.

  • Road Bike Manual

You always get a manual with your bike or scooter that you have bought. You will get all the related information about your bike and scooter from there. And it’s mandatory to go through that manual as it will help you to understand how to operate the bike and how to take care of it. So it is very important to follow the given instructions carefully.

  • Replace engine oil

Just as our body needs moisturizer to make it smooth, just like that, our bikes and scooters also need engine oil to make the ride smoother. Checking engine oil is the main and most important part of maintenance. Engine oil works as a lubricant and makes the engine cooler. Mucky oil can reduce fuel use and the engine’s life.

Things to do:

  1. Check oil leakage
  2. Don’t run your bike on mucky oil
  3. Keep changing the oil regularly.
  • Checking on breaks

Breaks are an extremely important part of any vehicle. Strike on breaks at the appropriate time can save one’s life. So always take care of that. Ensure brakes hold the tire properly, like they are neither too tight nor loose. There are brake pads that you need to replace by the time if there is any weird voice coming from it. Also, remember to check the brake fluid and try to change the brake fluid once or twice in a few months.

  • Battery maintenance

These days electric vehicles are trending, and many of us have electric vehicles like these electric bikes and scooters that run on batteries. So one has to keep checking about the battery condition. Check twice a week whether the battery wires are properly connected or not.

  • Use mobile apps

If one wants to track the status of their bike, use such apps. These can be helpful when one can track things like mileage. You can also get service remainder, route planning, etc. Sometimes it happens when somebody’s bike or scooter gets stolen. And at that time, some apps like a rto vehicle information app can be really helpful because these apps will help you find the vehicle holder details.

Also, get the following:

  1. Driving license details
  2. Insurance details
  3. Registration details
  4. Resale value


Maintenance is an important perspective for making your bike’s life longer. So always wash your bike, and check clutches. Also, go for proper bike servicing, and keep the air filter clean. Use an eclectic bike or scooter as it is good for the environment. You can buy or rent such bikes and scooters from Bounce Electric Or Ontrack because it offers environment-friendly transportation to travel and explore.

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