Mark Roemer Oakland Explains How Auto Body Repairs Might Help the Atmosphere


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that a responsible citizen is always concerned about the environment and does everything to protect it. You must take steps to preserve the resources of the planet. The points mentioned below will help you understand how auto body repairs might help the atmosphere:

The Details

  1. Reduce Trash- Your car may be damaged due to some unforeseen incidents, and you decide to take it for repair. In such a case, all the damaged materials are replaced instead of being dumped into the trash. So, the auto body repairs must complete the process using the materials already present to create fewer waste materials.
  1. Use less toxic materials- It will be best if the shop starts using less toxic materials. For instance, you can use waterborne paints so that you don’t need to use cleaning solvents. These solvents are dangerous, and when dumped, they cause much harm to the environment.
  1. Reducing emissions- The auto body shop must take proper steps to reduce emissions. You can train the technician to follow the proper procedures to enhance the quality of the paint finish.
  1. Exposure to air pollutants- The training part will also reduce exposure to air pollutants. You must ensure that they use protective pieces of equipment to reduce the impact of the air pollutants.
  1. Replace old equipment- You must replace the worn-out or damaged equipment with more efficient equipment. Apart from increasing efficiency, the approach is also beneficial for reducing harmful emissions. For instance, you can use efficient equipment like HVLP spray and ventilated sanders to reduce paint and solvent emissions.
  1. Form a workgroup- You can form a team that includes your locality’s auto body shop owners. It will help you take practical steps as a team and will positively impact the atmosphere.
  1. Sponsor training- You can sponsor training programs for technicians with some funding from each of your team members, and this training will help them with improved skills about reduced paint usage and low exposure to air pollutants.
  1. Media awareness- You must keep the media updated with all the steps you take towards helping the environment. It will help spread awareness among other auto body shop owners and encourage them to take steps. It will be great if also the media take some steps towards making people aware of how important it is. When customers start looking for such environment-friendly auto body shops, the shops will surely put more focus and effort into helping the atmosphere.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that it is the need of the hour to take appropriate steps towards reducing air pollution. Even a small step from your side towards reducing air pollution can make a massive impact on the environment. It can be a benefit if all the auto body shops take steps to help the atmosphere. The points mentioned above must be kept in mind by both the owner and technicians of the auto body shop to reduce air pollution.

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